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About me

I am passionate about creating engaging and accessible web and application experiences. Validating design choices through experimentation and user research is essential for establishing the value of my work.

My skills

Product Design

I create and enhance user experiences for digital products, including websites, apps, and software interfaces. My role involves understanding user needs, conducting research, and designing intuitive, visually appealing interfaces. I collaborate with cross-functional teams, ensuring the final product meets user requirements, business goals, and market trends.

UX Research

I gather insights and understanding about users and their behaviors, needs, and preferences in order to inform the design and development of products or services. I conduct various research methods, such as interviews, usability testing, and data analysis, to uncover user insights and provide valuable input to the design process.

Visual Design

I design visual elements to communicate messages and enhance aesthetics for products, brands, and experiences. I've worked on websites, apps, campaigns, and print materials, using creativity and design skills for compelling graphics, layouts, colors, and typography.

Let's work together — Get in touch —
Let's work together — Get in touch —
Let's work together — Get in touch —
Let's work together — Get in touch —